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Learn to kiteboard in Guam's tropical waters


Dave gives lessons on the side here in Guam. Call Dave at 671-977-0456 or contact us online if you are interested in learning.

If you're just getting into the sport, we recommend you do a few things. First, purchase a training video/DVD such as Boost II and watch it several times. Second, purchase a Cabrinha or Naish trainer kite (approx 2.0 sq. meters) and practice as demonstrated in the video. You should be comfortable with the following list of skills before proceeding onto formal instruction.

  1. Hold kite steady in overhead, neutral position (get a feel for holding bar square to body and level and notice kite remains in neutral) with wind at your back
  2. Gradually steer kite from side to side, close to overhead and neutral position (side to side and continuous movement will teach timing). Remember, steering control bar is like riding a bicycle, pull back on elbows (as opposed to rotating the bar like steering a car)
  3. Gradually steer kite from side to side, and lower, until pattern is about 45° above the ground, experiencing more pull to further develop muscle memory, instincts, and control (being seated on ground with feet in front will prevent face plants). Understand drop zone of kite, which is length of flying lines and about 60° on either side of straight downwind, to prevent injuring downwind bystander
  4. Trace out smooth figure 8s (vertical patterns) with kite on both sides of power zone (become familiar with power zone)
  5. Repeat above exercises with bar connected to harness hook (bar must be set up with harness line)
  6. Practice holding bar in neutral position with one hand on bar (bar must be connected to harness hook)
  7. Practice rotating body while holding bar level and square to body to put twists in lines and then after returning kite to neutral practice taking twists out (bar not connected to harness hook)
  8. Practice bringing kite down and up along both edges of power zone, simulating landing and launching kite
  9. Sit down with kite overhead and fly kite down through power zone and then up to outside edge and begin flying figure 8s along edge of power zone (this should be done in one smooth maneuver)

...and remember, **Always use a safety leash and never fly near people, trees, power lines, etc. Be Safe and Aware!!